The RCNPDD is integrating the outstanding research talents and resources related to the R&D of natural products and new drugs in order to promote basic research and clinical applications in Kaohsiung Medical University via industry-academy cooperation. The RCNPDD is expected to reach the level of international research center.

Mission objectives are as follows:

 1   The investigation and development of active components (HPLC fingerprint) from local Chinese herbal medicines.
 2 To explore the active fractions and pharmacological mechanism of action for active compounds obtained from Chinese herbal medicines.
 3 Toxicology and animal model validation and other preclinical studies.
 4 To connect basic research and drug development, promote the application of clinical treatments and  accelerate further research.
 5 To combine Kaohsiung Medical University with the Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital and the   basic clinical medicine, reaching to a new milestone in the translational medical research.
 6 To strengthen 5+2 governmental policy for industrial development of research to overcome weaknesses of  developing process, by creating industry cluster effects.
 7 To strengthen education and industrial cooperation, promote industrial and innovative achievements.
 8 The integration and management of Taiwan's pure compounds and extracts database.


Short-term mission objectives and research plan:   

 Period Content 
Short-term goals To promote natural products application research and to collaborate with industry manufacturers, hospital clinicians and corporate development units and to promote Southbound policy international cooperation project with Malaysia. To set up database through the construction of natural products collection and digital databases covering natural products in Taiwan, in cooperation with Dr. Cecilia Koo Conservation Center (KBCC) and database of marine natural resources.
  Medium-term goals  Part of the pre-clinical and clinical studies will be completed to promote publication of research, patent applications, the prototypes of products and commercialization of products; new resources will be identified for the collection of natural product samples in Taiwan and data entry; and new technologies will be developed to verify natural products technologies.     
Long-term goals Commercialization and technical transfer, increase the proportion of students and the innovation derived from the university within groups of teachers and students in order to complete Taiwan's pure compounds and extracts database and to provide consultations to all users’ inquiries; new technology will facilitate the production of unique natural products for industry and manufacture process validation.




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