Taiwan Database of Extracts and Compounds (TDEC) is an academic and scientific website which offers a platform for investigators in different fields to share their own research information. Furthermore, the most significant aim of TDEC is to preserve Taiwan’s important resources, including crude extracts, pure natural isolates, and chemically synthesized derivatives from Chinese herbal medicines, marine organisms, and microbes, etc. To integrate the aforementioned substances from the academic research institutions, industrial units, and botanic conservation centers to make more drugs and products developments efficiently.

 TDEC provides functional services such as drug management, drug search, investigator matching, and data statistics systems, etc. Drug information consisted of compounds’ structures, physical and chemical properties, and biological activities, etc. could be shared for every researcher in the world. Especially for the matching function, it could offer a point-to-point link between drug providers and investigators to efficiently help them to cooperate with each other and promote the powerful researches. Welcome to TDEC and join it (https://tdec.kmu.edu.tw).





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