The director of the Research Center for Natural Products and New Drug Development (RCNPDD), Professor Yang-Chang Wu, is responsible for the arrangement of center’s operation and research projects evaluation.

The RCNPDD has a team of consultants, internationally renowned professors and biotechnology industry leaders, who provide valuable advice in order to establish one of the best natural products research and new drug development centers in the world. The RCNPDD is developed to keep up with international research standards.

In line with the needs of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST, Taiwan), the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW), and Council of Agriculture (COA), the RCNPDD also strengthens the cooperation among production, education and research communities to provide professional high-level services and advice. The RCNPDD also assists the development of agricultural biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and it enhances the development of 5 + 2 governmental policy. Hence, the RCNPDD can facilitate the research & development process, creating more opportunities for scientific attractions by means of natural products, value-added agricultural biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry projects.

Furthermore, the RCNPDD promotes university-industry cooperation. The RCNPDD together with Office for Operation of Industry and University Cooperation, KMU (Academia-Industry cooperation division, IPR Management division and Incubation Center), is responsible for planning and promotion of industrial achievements, innovative commercialization, and investment projects.

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